Everything is so simple and at the same time so rich, original and prestigious.

The Goriška Brda wines tell a special story. Full of experiences, memories and cheerful gatherings. The centuries old tradition gives us fruits. The young generation of winemakers has taken over the knowledge and experiences and by taking risks paved the way to the world. Goriška Brda is increasingly generating great wines, especially white ones. Once again Rebula is gaining its value, although once disregarded it is now again sought after.

To the delight of the inhabitants of Goriška Brda and all of those who love to come here, the vines are showing their gratitude for the care and attention given to them by producing wonderful grapes.

Brda wine producers

Blue Pinot

Cabernet Sauvignon

Gray Pinot




Cabernet Franc


Green Sauvignon



White Pinot