Verduc is an autochthonous variety of Friuli and has been known for long in the Goriška Brda, too. It is cultivated on 3.5 ha of vineyards. Verduc has also been cultivated in our collection vineyard together with the rest of the autochthonous and old local varieties of the Goriška Brda.

The cultivar is sensitive to water shortage and to peronospora, a fungal disease. Boasting of flourishing crop, it gives a constant yield from year to year.

Colour: It is of a straw yellow colour.
Scent: Medium intense, soft acacia blossom- or honey-scented aroma; sometimes it can be intensely fruit-scented.
Taste: Structured and full-bodied, its medium sour taste which emanates warmth depending on the alcohol content.