Pikolit is an old vine widely cultivated in Goriško, Friuli and Hungary. It was held in high esteem in Antique Rome. Pikolit is one of those cultivars that have a historic standing and the status of a gene material.

As early as in the 18th century the wine had the right of domicile in the courts of French kings and Russian tzars as well as in the Vatican.

The variety is old and suffers from poor pollination; consequently, the harvest is relatively small. This is the reason why the variety has not spread to farm vineyards. It used to be grown in the vineyards owned by feudal lords and in parochial vineyards.

Colour: Its colour is gold yellow to amber.
Scent: The bouquet is reminiscent of white peach, apricot and honey.
Taste: Pikolit is a full-bodied, alcohol wine with the distinct aroma of fresh fruit and acacia honey. A semi-dry or sweet Pikolit complements fruit desserts perfectly.