Rebula is an autochthonous Brda variety, modest and resilient. It grows well in the marlstone, flysch and stoney soil. On sunny sites, it gives outstanding results.

In our assortment of varieties, the share of Rebula is the largest. After years of grapes-quality oriented selection, the experts of the Goriška Brda Wine Cellar have developed four clones of Rebula.

The grapes are not suitable only for young, fresh wines but for ageing as well. The wine is an excellent basis for sparkling wines. Traditionally, the Brda Rebula grapes have also been dried for the production of excellent dessert wines.

Colour: It is of gold yellow colour with greenish shades.
Scent: Intensely fresh and fruity, reminiscent of lemon, green apple, grapefruit and acacia blossom.
Taste: The harmony of acids makes if drinkable and fresh. Excellent, matured wines taste of cedar wood.

The wine is suitable as an appetizer; it pairs deliciously with sea fruits, fresh water fish, poultry and vegetable dishes.