Merlot is a relatively young variety which originates from France, i.e. from the surroundings of Bordeaux. It was first documented in the 18th century. It is named after blackbirds (merle is French for blackbird) which enjoyed pecking the grapes.

In our assortment of red varieties, the share of Merlot is by far the largest, which is owed to the good results it has been producing in the Goriška Brda terroir. In addition to the high quality grapes provided by the variety, which is also very important for a levelled quality of vintages, Merlot likes medium heavy and not too moist soil as well as sunny and easily permeable sites.

Colour: The young wine is of a beautiful ruby red colour which changes fast over the years and acquires tiny gold strains which are followed by amber and later by brownish strains.
Scent: The scent is fruity and reminiscent of ripe cherry, raspberry, mulberry and blackberry.
Taste: The wine is rich, fruity with extremely well integrated tannins and a long finish. The harvest from limestone and sandy soil contains soft tannins, while on clayey-sandy soil the tannins are heavier and astringent.