Chardonnay is a variety which many consider to be the noblest among white cultivars. It is cultivated in many wine-growing countries world-wide but it is Burgundy that it calls home.

Chardonnay requires sunny and airy sites and medium heavy soil. Winegrowers are fond of it as it is of a robust growth and yielding enough while there are no problems with its cultivation.

The variety offers a choice of different styles: the wine can be simple, drinkable, medium-bodied or full-bodied and structured.

Colour: It is of a straw to gold yellow colour only rarely refreshed by tiny green strands.
Scent: The wines made from Chardonnay are known for their rich, pronounced and complex varietal scent which differs from one place of origin to another since it is so widely spread on various latitudes. The aroma of young wines is apple-, pear- and peach-scented. The Chardonnays from southern, sunny sites have pronounced aromas of citrus fruits, melon, pineapple, fresh hazelnuts and caramel. With the wine maturing, the primary aromas of the grapes change and the aromas of butter, honey, bee wax, vanilla, minerals, spices, dried hazelnuts and nuts become more distinct.
Taste: A sip of the wine offers the luxury of scents while being full-bodied. It is strong and rich leaving a long impression in the mouth. The luxury of scents and tastes is further intensified in the production of the wines of special quality.