The old grape variety, modest and resilient, is definitely rebula. It thrives well in marl, flysch and stone soil. In sunny locations it gives exceptional results. Grapes are suitable for young, fresh wines as well as archive ones. The wines are the perfect base for sparkling wines. In Brda, according to tradition, they dried the rebula grapes and produced excellent dessert wine from them. The wine is of golden-yellow colour with green shades. The scent is intensively fresh and fruity. It is reminiscent of lemon, green apple, grapefruit and acacia flower. Due to the harmony of acids it is very drinkable and fresh. Excellent, mature wines give a taste of cedar.

The wine is suitable as an aperitif. It also pairs nicely with seafood dishes, fresh fish, poultry and vegetable dishes. Rebula is a grape variety with medium grape density.

The typical old variety for Brda is returning to the vineyards and wine cellars, and among white wines it again occupies its respected place. Today Rebula is a wine that we once more admire and appreciate. Interesting stories are being spread about the origin of this variety of wine; it was mentioned for the first time in written texts in 1336 in Višnjevik; where we hold in its honour an annual feast, the first Saturday after 1st May. Experienced experts predict that the time of Rebula is yet to come.