On the Sabotin ridge, remains of St. Valentine Church can be found. It was maintained by monkshermits and was abandoned in 18th century. Coins found at the site testify that the building originates from even older times. During World War I when Sabotin was a scene of violent battles, the church was completely demolished. The spirit of World War I is still haunting visitors on every step since the mountain is criss-crossed with abandoned battle trenches, tunnels and caverns, now cleared and partly restored for the visitors. In past several years the Peace Park was established there, reminding visitors from all over the world of the senselessness of all kinds of wars.

Sabotin is an exceptionally panoramic mountain. From its top, the view can reach the highest Slovenian mountains and the Adriatic sea. The view of the Soča river winding its way between Sabotin and Sveta gora on the opposite side is also magnificent. The mountain is an attractive site for botanists, while bird experts know that even golden eagles nest here.

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