Erzetič in Višnjevik

The Erzetič family story has long been closely associated with viticulture and wine production. They come from a farm in Višnjevik, informally called ‘At Martin’s’, The name of the house originates from 1725, when, as we learn from written sources, the farm was founded by its first master Martin.

Since then, all the Martin’sgenerations have kept their farm alive and successful with pride and respect. We remain faithful to the land of Goriška Brda, and each year we capture the charm and vivacity from the vines and turn them into an excellent variety of wines.   

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Višnjevik 25/a,

5212 Dobrovo 

tel.: +386 (0)5 395 94 60,

By prior arrangement!

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Specialty of the house:

With experience and good judgement we strive to preserve tradition and add innovation to it.  We are especially proud of our newly built wine cellar, which has been designed in harmony with the tradition and trends of time.

In our cellar you can find large clay amphorae (360 to 2500 l) in which wine is matured. According to the old tradition, these amphorae are buried in the ground.

We offer a wide variety of excellent varietal wines:

  • fresh line: Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Rebula, Ladies' Rosè
  • wines from amphoras: Pinot Gris Amphora, Cabernet Sauvignon Amphora, Amphora Blanc, Amphora Red
  • varieties of wine: Don (fresh red variety) and Pepi (year 2000, magnum bottle)
  • young wine: Mladivo