Farmhouse Kumar - Primar

Our main activities are wine making, fruit farming and olive oil production with a long lasting tradition. The homestead consists of 6ha of vineyards and orchards situated in an excellent sunny position. We implement integrated production and do not use chemical fertilizers.


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Šmartno 1/a, 5211 Kojsko
tel.:  + 386 (0)5 30 41 172
+ 386 (0)40 746 288


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Specialty of the house:

We produce:

  • extra virgin olive oil,
  • juicy fruit, and
  • high-quality wines.

The wines are grouped under the brand name Primar. The landlord Primož is especially proud of the awards that he has received for his wines, especially for the wine Panter, which was at the 50th Agra Fair rewarded with a silver medal. We are also proud of our predicate wine Jantar.