Boris and Deni Marinič

Goriška Brda is the northernmost part of Slovenia where the olive tree still thrives.


Family farmhouse Komjanc

Family Komjanc awaits you at their farm and walks you through the vineyards and the wine cellar.


Olive oil bar Šmartno

We offer guided tastings of locally grown extra virgin olive oil.

Wine cellar ‘Goriška Brda’

The wine cellar “Goriška Brda” is the largest Slovenian wine cellar which continues a several hundred-year old tradition of the production of excellent Brda wines.


Drnovšček Farm "Kovačevi"

The principle motto of the “Kovač” farm is the production of domestic, quality fruit.


Farmhouse Kumar - Primar

The homestead Kumar lies in the idyllic medieval village Šmartno, in the heart of the Brda region.



Viticulture and fruit growing Na bregu Marinič

Family Marinič is located on the slope of one of the oldest villages in Brda, known for its defensive walls and St. Martin’s Church, Šmartno.