Benedetič Farm

Benedetič farm lies on the fringe of Goriška Brda, near the border with the Italian wine-growing region.


Farmhouse Kumar - Primar

The homestead Kumar lies in the idyllic medieval village Šmartno, in the heart of the Brda region.



Viticulture and fruit growing Na bregu Marinič

Family Marinič is located on the slope of one of the oldest villages in Brda, known for its defensive walls and St. Martin’s Church, Šmartno.


Drnovšček Farm "Kovačevi"

The principle motto of the “Kovač” farm is the production of domestic, quality fruit.


Pičulin Farm

Pičulin farm is located in the “land of invigorating moments”, in a famous Brda village named Vipolže.