Guided tours through the medieval village of Šmartno

The ancient village of Šmartno hides behind its walls the stories of the past wars between Venice - Habsburg from the 16th and 17th centuries. Since then the village remained surrounded by its indestructible walls with seven towers. Some houses are dating back to the beginning of the past millennium, while the two towers testify their first builders were the Romans.

With the local guide we will explore the labyrinth  of  narrow streets, called »gase« in the local dialect, and listen to the  stories from the past. We will visit the northern square and learn about the particularities of the local architecture, which can be found in numerous details: balconies with external staircases, wide projecting roof decorated with tiles dipped in lime with various patterns, decorative chimneys which were the pride of every inhabitant, passages and special extension, called »spahnjenec« or »žbatafur«.

We will enter the St. Martin church, one of the biggest churches in Brda. Saint Martin is best known from the story where he shared his officer's coat with a half-naked beggar and is one of the most popular saints of the region. The interior was painted in 1960 by the Slovene artist Tone Kralj.

If desired, we will visit the House of Culture with a gallery where numerous exhibitions of local and foreign authors are held  (entrance fee). New acquisition of the village is an updated ethnological collection in the museum "Brda House", presenting the living culture of Brda. On the first floor there  is an exhibition of the development of a typical Brda house from prehistoric times to the present days with a film showing the Brda and Brda life in the middle of the 20th century. In the basement there is a traditional wine cellar whereas on the ground floor within an ambience of a typical Brda kitchen there is a boutique shop of ceramic products and delicacies from Brda cuisine.

On the southern market, we will hear about "brjar" and have a look outside the village southern walls which shows the initial design of an ancient Roman fortress. We will listen to stories of Uskoki who from these walls defended the territory and learn about Leonardo Da Vinci's defense plan against the Turks. We will experience the atmosphere when the square was crowded by people carrying out seasonal works, such as peeling, sulphuring and drying of plums (locally called 'prunella'), figs and cherries, or competed in bowling and other fun games. We will learn about the traditional John's garland which is hung above the entrance doors of houses and learn about  the most important village festivals and traditions.

We can also visit a number of small local shops, such as Nona Luisa, with home-made natural cosmetics from olive oil where you can make a souvenir from Brda region.




·         Guided tour with a local guide

·         Guided tour with glass of vine, cheese

·         Guided tour with cold meats, cheese, glass of vine


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