View tower in Gonjače

On your trip around the Brda region you will encounter a series of monuments and memorial plaques. The most widely known is the bronze monument in Gonjače which is dedicated to the 315 citizens of Brda who gave their lives in WWII. The monument is placed on Mejnik, the hill near the village. It is the work of painter and sculptor Janez Boljka. The lines engraved on the bronze plaque – “To the sons of Brda and Benečija, the faithful guardians of our language.”- were written by the writer France Bevk. Next to it is a 23 m high lookout tower with 144 stairs, which was designed by the architect Marko Šlajmer. The tower was built in 1961 and it represents the central point of Brda. When the sky is clear, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of all four points of the compass: the Julian and Carnian Alps, as well as the Dolomites to the North, the Friulian plain to the West, the Trieste Gulf and the Karst to the South, and the Trnovo forest and the Vipava Valley to the east.

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