Kojsko is a wayside village situated at the top of the hill, below which the Pevmica stream on the one side and the Birša stream on the other side collect the waters flowing from under the hill. Until WWI the village was the cultural and economic centre of East Brda. At the entrance of the village, there used to be a portal, which was closed in the evening. At night, the village was protected by guards.

The settlement is first mentioned in 1086.

Above the village reigns the Succursal Pilgrimage Church of the Holy Cross on Tabor (Sv. Križ na Taboru). This gothic church has a bell tower that is very unusual for Slovenia, although quite typical in Brda. More than a bell tower it resembles a small fortification – the tower has a special kind of roof and it actually used to be one of the watch towers of the ancient tabor fortifi

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