Green Sauvignon

Green Sauvignon is another old cultivar of the Goriška Brda region where it was brought to in the 18th century.

Before October 2004, Green Sauvignon went under the name of Tocai Friulano; however, due to the Protected Designation of Origin status given to Hungarian Tokai it was not allowed to keep the name. Hungarian Tokai, of course, belongs to the category to the liqueur wines and does not originate in the variety of Tocai Friulano (Green Sauvignon) but in Furmint (Šipon).

It is classified as a quality cultivar for white wines and requires favourable vineyard sites and medium strong soil. It is rather sensitive to water shortage.

Colour: It is of straw yellow with greenish shades.
Scent: Medium intense aroma with the accompanying fragrance of almonds and field flowers.
Taste: Green Sauvignon, a strong, full-bodied and extracted wine, is warm, nicely harmonious and of lower acidity. The taste of almonds is felt on the tongue. Green Sauvignon is a classic aperitif wine in the Italian part of the Goriška Brda. It has become established with fish dishes, poultry and grilled rabbit (Nemanič, 1999).