Blue Pinot

Blue Pinot is undoubtedly the noblest among the red wines of the cooler parts of the European continent and the ancestor of all Pinots. It originates from Burgundy in France and is originally named Pinot noir.

As early as in the beginning of AD, Plinius described Blue Pinot from the surroundings of Rhone. The first document dates back to 1394.

As far as soil is concerned, it is not a very demanding variety. It enjoys the sites which are easily permeable and not too sunny. In the Goriška Brda region, it is harvested the first among red varieties.

Blue Pinot is suitable for white vinification as the basis of sparkling wines and for the production of the rose. The rose of Blue Pinot differ from the rose of other varieties by their subtle fragrance and softness, yet full-bodiness and lingering after-taste.

Colour: It is of a lighter ruby red colour which, the wine developing, acquires copper and coffee brown shades.
Scent: Its scent is characteristically winey. When the wine is young, the scent is that of blackberry, redcurrent and blackcurrent, raspberry and strawberry), later it takes on the scent of the marmalade made of these fruits; with the wine developing, vegetal scents emerge (humus, truffle and coffee): they are followed by animal scents (leather and fur).
Taste: The taste is rich, harmonious and full with perceived soft tannins.