Gray Pinot

The homeland of Gray Pinot is Burgundy in France. It belongs to the narrower family of Pinots as it originates in bud mutation (hereditary change) of Blue Pinot. Historically speaking, Pinots are one of the oldest wine variety in the history of mankind.

In the beginning of the 18th century, Ruland, a merchant, discovered it in his vineyard in France and named it "rulander".

The vine is not choosy as to the soil, but too much moisture in the soil and drought periods do not agree with it. Its flourishing crop can be relied on.

Colour: We are usually confused by the shades of colour of this wine as it offers a subtle shade of pink. The grape skin of Gray Pinot contains some more shades of red. Depending on the processing of grapes, the wines can be anywhere from a translucent yellow colour to intensely coloured wines or they can even have a hardly noticeable translucent shade of rose.
Scent: The wine offers a range of scents of exotic fruits (pineapple, grapefruit), butter, pear, cinnamon all of which are of average intensity.
Taste: The wine is rich-flavoured with pronounced acid. Its after-taste is lengthy.