White Pinot

Its homeland is Burgundy in France.

About twenty years ago when the Cradonnay wine gained in popularity world-wide, the wine experts in Slovenia realised that the majority of the vineyards, until then considered to be planted with varietal. White Pinot, were actually planted with Chardonnay. Before the two varieties were formally separated the wine was fully labelled Pinot – Chardonnay. Furthermore, White Pinot wines are less characteristic variety-wise than Chardonnay wines.

The variety is not sensitive to site. Airy, light and medium heavy soil agrees with it.

Colour: It is of a light yellow colour which changes to an almost gold yellow shade over years.
Scent: The wine is enjoyably aromatic with traces of fresh fruit scents, to wit, those of apple, strawberry leaves and grapefruit. If the wine is very well made they can be quince- and caramel-scented.
Taste: The wine is full-bodied and flavourful with a pronounced aroma of lemon and grapefruit.