Brdalicious – Taste the Wilderness - Days of dishes made with wild spring plants

Brda cuisine is very diverse. It plays to the rhythm of nature and, according to the farm to fork principle, writes a completely different story every season.

The local people love their land, which gives delicious gifts, used to create exquisite culinary masterpieces. The roots of Brda cuisine are based on rich traditions, spiced up with a contemporary touch. Taste buds are spoiled with authentic flavours, created by the diligent hands of local people and awakening a feeling of true synergy.
In this wonderful part of the world, in the heart of wine cellars, olive groves and orchards, you will certainly feel that the fast tempo of life stops for at least just a short time. You are warmly invited to experience it with us!

Spring food

Did you know that in spring the Brda cuisine puts on its “wild” attire? Various wild sprouts peek out of the soil, bringing a real explosion of flavour, vitamins and nutrients. The diligent hands of Brda locals carefully pick them and awaken the richness of the Brda tradition which incorporates the wild flavours into authentic local dishes. Do you want to taste the unspoiled nature, infused in the Brda sprouts? Then don’t miss this opportunity and visit our hosts who will serve you dishes that will without a doubt leave you feeling inspired.

Brdalicious osnovna grafika


TURIZEM BREG: Breg pri Golem Brdu 3, 5212 Dobrovo
Reservation: +386 5 304 25 55,
Offer: bruschetta with dandelion and lardo // nettle gnocchi with prosciutto // pot barley with wild asparagus and sausage // herbal “frtalja” (soufflé omelette)
More info: Turizem breg

DOMAČIJA KABAJ-MOREL: Šlovrenc 4, 5212 Dobrovo
Reservation: +386 5 395 9560, 041 454 002 ,
Offer: wild garlic cream soup // Soča trout fillet with a thyme and chive sauce, Jerusalem artichoke with quinoa // homemade ravioli with a prosciutto filling, wild hops // dandelion salad with “krdihin” and polenta // dessert: dandelion flower 
More info: Kabaj-Morel

HIŠA ŠTEKAR: Snežatno 26a, 5211 Kojsko
Reservation: +386 41 335 320,
Offer: red dead-nettle soup // salad burnet (“rabaštelca”) with young cheese and white polenta // risotto with herbs (“pokalca”) and wild asparagus, with meat roulade as a side dish // gnocchi with ground elder and Parmesan // “frtalja” (soufflé omelette) with wild asparagus 
More info: Hiša Štekar

GOSTILNICA NA LEPEM RAZGLEDU, Gornje Cerovo 51, 5211 Kojsko
Reservation: +386 40 238 990,
Offer: risotto with herbs and sausage // herbal “frtalja” (soufflé omelette) // dandelion with eggs // wild asparagus with eggs
More info: Gostilnica na lepem razgledu

GREDIČ: Ceglo 9, 5212 Dobrovo
Reservation: +386 5 828 0120,
Cold appetiser: capon roll with asparagus, cauliflower with turmeric, pine nut crisp and a wild garlic foam
Več infrormacij: Gredič

HOTEL SAN MARTIN, Šmartno 11, 5211 Kojsko
Reservation:  +386 5 330 5660
Offer: pasta with wild garlic and “frtalja” (soufflé omelette) with herbs
More info: Hotel San Martin

BRIŠKA HIŠA, Hum 54a, 5211 Kojsko
Reservation: +386 5 981 2170
Offer: dishes with wild garlic and asparagus 
More info: Briška hiša

OLJČNI BAR,  Šmartno 38, 5211 Kojsko
Reservation:: +386 41 341 149
Offer: potato gnocchi with wild leek
More info: Oljčni bar

MORUS ESTATE, Plešivo 48, 5212 Dobrovo
Reservation:: +386 40 268 669 
Offer: wild garlic gnocchi with scampi and asparagus // European seabass fillet on a bed of pot barley with anise, spinach, and potato purée with lime peel // pork medallion rolled in prosciutto, wild garlic dumpling, and red beet purée, served with a Teran wine sauce
More info: Morus


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