Krčnik, natural stone bridge, and Kotline

Natural monument, one of the most beautiful of its kind in Slovenia, will enchant you in every season of the year, while it will also offer you a pleasant refreshment during the summer. Krčnik is a 5-meter long and slightly over a meter thick stone bridge, smoothly polished by the water, looming above the Kožbanjšček creek on top of a gorge. Oral traditions offer several interesting stories about how the bridge was created. It can be accessed by a short path leading from the Neblo-Brdice pri Kožbani road. Worth visiting are also nearby Kotline, three pools carved into the stream bed by the Kožbanjšček creek during the process of
overcoming a 10-meter cliff. In summer, this is a popular bathing place for the youth of Brda

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