SLAPNIK is the only village in Bda without inhabitants.

Slapnik 5

Slapnik is accessible from the road Vrhovlje-Korada, preferably on foot.

Slapnik 2

In the completely deserted Slapnik you will ask yourselves who were these people, how they lived, why they left and where to. After World War II most of the villagers emigrated to the Koper littoral region as well as to Argentina and other places around the globe.

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 Although in deteriorating state, the village is full of interesting motifs and magnificent stone-cutting details that remind a visitor of a lively past. Slapnik awaits better times and represents one of the most beautiful motifs for photographers and painters.

Slapnik 6Slapnik 9

The only entirely abandoned village in Brda, once a village of well-off farmers.

Slapnik 10

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