Wine Safari

Wine Safari (Kontrabant – Adwineture awaits)

You won't see any lions, zebras and giraffes on this safari. We have prepared a special safari for you – a wine safari. We will take you along the broad terraced vineyards, where you will be able to taste our local delicacies in the embrace of our vines, and we will also make a stop at Brda winemakers, who will show and explain to you the secret to the magical tastes of our premium wine.

You have to reserve the time and we will make this experience unforgettable!


Wine safari – the short one

This one lasts about 3 hours. First we'll drink a glass of wine in the vineyard and eat. Then we'll visit a winemaker, who will prepare wine tasting for you. In the meantime you will enjoy in one of the most beautiful views of the Brda region, then drive past the beautiful village of Šmartno and back.


Wine safari – the real one

This is slightly longer, but it's the real deal – you have to reserve 6 hours for it and you won't regret it. We'll start in a vineyard with a glass of wine and local delicacies. Then we'll continue to the first cellar to taste the world-renowned Brda wines. Good wine is always accompanied by great food, therefore, we will make a stop after wine tasting and eat something great. But we won't stay only on one side of the border, since we'll take you along a hidden path to the Italian Collio, to a distinguished winemaker's cellar. There, we will have a snack. After a nice day we will return back to Slovenia and see what surprise is waiting for us.

We'll organise all transport.



Kontrabant – Adwineture awaits

Prior reservations must be made on or +386 31 363 179.