That is the moment when we stop, relax and calm down.

Beekeeping on Krnice

Small village Hlevnik, which extends over three hills, is offering a beautiful view of the Brda nature and Friuli.Beekeeping on Krnice lies on one of the three hills and represents a continuation of broken family tradition, which through hard work again awakened. For children and animal lovers is particular interesting the surrounded homestead. Near the apiary is located the pasture with animals.

Apitherapy and its healing effects

Apitherapy is a therapy, which strenhtens the immune system and maintains our health by using bee products. In apiary for apitherapy is a comfortable place where you can lay doun and inhale the healing effects of aerosols. In addition, apitherapy helps to clean the pors in the lungs, relieves pneumonia and bronhitis, but it also has healing effects for asthmatics.


  • sale of various types of honey
  • sales of pollen, beewax and propolis
  • activity of the farm is focused on olive growing, fruit and vegetable coltivation.


Providers of apitherapy in Brda: