Remains of the World War I

It is a memorial to all those who suffered during the World War I and it reminds us why such wars should never happen again. But most of all it encourages the value of peace and the opportunity for common growth.

The front has left behind many remains which are with the help of various institutions and societies exemplary maintained and preserved. Military cemeteries, caves, trenches, ossuaries, chapels, monuments, museum and other memorials present an important European history heritage.

With its testimonies, senses and stories they are the backbone of The Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic. The trail is uniformly marked, suitable for hikers and cyclicst. Major interesting sights are also accessible with cars and busses.

The walk of peace is the right choice for those wanting to actively spend their free time, experience magnificent views and beauties of the nature, learn about the history and the culture, meet the locals, experience the present life and taste the local delicacies. Guided tours with local tourist guides are recommended.